The sacred alternative

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    The term ‘sacred’ broadens research to include groups and activities that cut across boundaries maintained by the WRP. Also, while some reject the term ‘religion’ to describe what they do, they still regard certain things and places as ‘sacred’. The limitations of Durkheim’s and Eliade’s ‘sacred’ and ‘profane’ binary as an analytical framework become apparent when applied to cases where ‘religion’ is ambiguous, as an example from a Pagan festival shows. Despite this, a focus on ‘making sacred’ as a human activity that highlights a group’s interests is a useful alternative to the World Religions approach in Religious Studies.
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    Title of host publicationAfter world religions
    Subtitle of host publicationreconstructing religious studies
    EditorsCR Cotter, DG Robertson
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    Publication statusPublished - 5 Feb 2016

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    NameReligion in Culture. Studies in Social Contest and Construction


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