Special Issue 'Innovation and entrepreneurship management for sustainable enterprises'

Yanguo Jing (Editor)

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Environmental degradation and climate change are currently recognized as the greatest global challenges of our time (Wiedmann et al., 2020). In facing the challenges of reducing detrimental environmental and societal impacts created by unsustainable business practices, the development of innovations and entrepreneurship for sustainability has gained more attention (Ning and Guo, 2022). They are recognized as the engine in the transformation of current business processes and key factors for a more efficient and responsible use of natural resources (Barbieri et al., 2020).

Our Special Issue focuses on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Management for Sustainable Enterprise. Lack of structural change, non-sustainable growth, and non-inclusive growth are traditional features of natural resources-relied enterprises (Adams et al., 2016; Barbieri et al., 2020; Driessen et al., 2013). The editors seek manuscripts that explore the role of innovation and entrepreneurship in sustainability in contexts where prosperity relies on the exploitation of natural resources, the tension between needs and limits is taken to the limit and the notion of sustainable development can be deemed as contradictory concepts.

Suggest Topic

Relevant topics of the submitted papers include but are not limited to the following:

Entrepreneurship, low-carbon innovation, and economic growth.
The impact of Institutions, cultural and technical factors on sustainable entrepreneurship.
Promoting and supporting sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship in emerging economies.
Drivers and barriers in the pursuit of sustainable entrepreneurship and innovation.
Metaverse, AI and other digital technology impact on sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship.
Green finance and sustainable innovation in the context of digitalization.
Business model innovation and sustainability.
Motivating existing enterprises towards sustainable development and innovation.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusIn preparation - Dec 2022


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