Security scheme enhancement for voice over wireless networks

Firas Hazzaa, Antesar Shabut, Nada Hussein M. Ali, Marcian Cirstea

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This paper proposes a lightweight and low energy encryption algorithm to secure voice traffic over wireless networks. The proposed algorithm meets the requirements of voice traffic and is suitable for wireless devices. It is capable to reduce the execution time and power consumption of the encryption process compared with the state of the art standard algorithm and at the same time maintains the desired security (confidentiality) level. The proposed algorithm employs similar methods with those used in the Advanced Encryption Standard algorithm (AES), with enhancements considering the limitations of wireless devices. A range of simulation scenarios are developed to test the validity of the proposed algorithm in reducing delay and energy required for the encryption process, besides, not compromising the security level. The results show significant improvements in the network and security performance metrics. A comparison between the proposed algorithm, the AES and other lightweight algorithms proposed by other research works is conducted and the results are promising. Using the proposed algorithm, a significant amount of time and energy consumption reduction is achieved to reach approximately 35% enhancement over the standard AES algorithm accompanied with good-level of complexity in the encryption process, making it more suitable for the wireless environment.
Original languageEnglish
Article number102798
JournalJournal of Information Security and Applications
Publication statusPublished - 2 Mar 2021


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