Introducing the ITT curriculum

Megan Stephenson, Angela Gill

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    In 2019 the Government commissioned an independent consultative review of all the Initial Teacher Training Providers (ITTPs) in England. This became known as the Market Review. The outcome of consultation led to all ITT providers in England having to apply for reaccreditation status in order to be able to continue training teachers. In the same year the Department for Education (DfE) published a document that replaced the previous Framework of Core Content for Initial Teacher Training (2016) that had been created by experts in the ITT field, namely the Core Content Framework (2019).

    This document was to provide the framework (or building blocks) from which all accredited providers designed their ITT excellent provision ‘The Core Content Framework (CCF) acts as a guide for providers of initial teacher training (ITT), who should 'craft the experiences and activities detailed in the ITT Core Content Framework into a coherent sequence that supports trainees to succeed in the classroom'. Ref Required 8 Nov 2021.

    This chapter will introduce you to the phrasing used across the CCF and help you unpick the key terminology that forms the basis of your Initial Teacher Training Programme. It will explore how the CCF is used to create an Initial Teacher Training (ITT) curriculum and identify and exemplify the importance of delivering carefully crafted, logically sequenced training year/s both within the Curriculum Learning Centres (CLCs) and within School Based Learning Centres (SBLCs). It will also review the regulation of ITT provision through the statutory regulatory body of Ofsted.
    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationTraining to be a primary school teacher
    Subtitle of host publicationthe CCF and beyond
    PublisherLearning Matters
    ISBN (Print)9781529672770, 9781529672787
    Publication statusSubmitted - 28 Feb 2024


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