Concern, co-creation and creativity: a shared and creative response to student concern

Anna Park, Sarah Cummins, Evie Hudson, Vanessa Sawyer

    Research output: Contribution to conferencePaperpeer-review


    Restorative practice (RP) is a tool that can be used in educational settings to meet the developmental needs of people. The foundation of RP is centred around the relationship built through ‘community circles’ (Lustica et al., 2020.) Restorative justice is centred around building and restoring relationships and provides a space for community members to be held accountable while participating in creating pathways to repair relationships which can lead to co-creation opportunities amongst staff and students. RP encourages participants to reflect on their values and beliefs and is a social science, a mindset, and a philosophy rather than a program to follow.

    It is about strengthening relationships through collaborative learning and decision making and ongoing learning and reflection.

    This presentation focuses on how RP was used with 2 final year students to help to repair and strengthen the relationship between staff and students and the learning and teaching experience. Following restorative and reflective practice it became apparent that many of the students within this cohort had been affected by the impact of COVID and were struggling with their communication skills and confidence. This led to a change in teaching and learning strategies used by the staff member to meet the needs of the cohort and further changes to the environment to meet the LO’s of the module.

    Following on from this, staff and students co-created a ‘Development Day’ to meet the identified needs of the L6 cohort prior to their final school-based training placement. Key findings show that RP can lead to identifying the root of a problem if all those involved are willing to listen and are open to reflective practice. Once relationships are restored and trust built, collaborative practice and co-creation can begin. This well-planned Development Day supported students in developing communication skills and confidence and strengthened staff-student relationships.

    Session Takeaways
    1. Understand that RP can be used to strengthen staff-student relationships
    2. Know that RP is being explored in Primary Education and has led to Staff- Student co-creation opportunities
    3. Consider whether there is space to explore RP further in your own practice/school
    Original languageEnglish
    Publication statusPublished - Jul 2022
    EventLearning and Teaching Conference 2022: 'Collaboration and Innovation' - Weetwood Hall, Leeds, United Kingdom
    Duration: 12 Jul 202212 Jul 2022

    Academic conference

    Academic conferenceLearning and Teaching Conference 2022
    Country/TerritoryUnited Kingdom


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