Philosophy in the Community

  • Fulford, Amanda (PI)
  • Robinson, Grace (CoI)

    Project Details


    This is a multi-stranded project. It comprises public engagement work by facilitating philosophy with the community in public spaces. It draws on a pilot project with Leeds City Council’s Central Library, and it is planned to develop this work with a further series of philosophical inquiry sessions in the city, supported by funding bids. It is interdisciplinary in nature, drawing on staff expertise from Leeds Trinity’s School of Social and Health Sciences, and led by staff from Leeds Trinity’s Institute of Childhood and Education. A second strand of this project involves collaboration with Grace Robinson from the company, Thinking Space, and Professor Richard Smith from Durham University. This strand comprises an edited monograph (to be put to Bloomsbury press in May 2017). This international volume, titled ‘Philosophy and Community: Theories, practices, and Possibilities’ draws on a range of philosophical, education, and practitioner voices from the field of community philosophy.
    StatusNot started


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