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Ricardo is an Associate Professor and multi-disciplinary Filmmaker with over 30 years’ experience in directing & producing Drama; Documentary and Music Production.  He joined Leeds Trinity University in 2008 and specialises in the professional practice of Film Making and Script writing.   As a freelance filmmaker, Ricardo has worked internationally producing and directing content for ITV, the BBC, and Channel 4.

Ricardo Barker is an experienced filmmaker and academic known for his perceptive storytelling and powerful socio-cultural commentary. His groundbreaking short film, "Re:Tension" (2019), stands as a testament to his adeptness in weaving challenging narratives, centering on institutional racism and micro-aggressions in higher education.

His acclaimed film garnered significant recognition, earning a nomination for Best Educational Film at the 2020 Learning on Screen Awards. His unique storytelling prowess propelled "Re:Tension" onto the global stage, screening at the 17th Festival International Du Film Panafricain De Cannes.

Not limited to film-making, Barker's impact extended to academic circles as a key figure at Leeds Trinity University. His film played a pivotal role in the university winning the Diversity and Inclusion award at the 2021 Whatuni Student Choice Awards

"Re:Tension" was further supplemented with an educational toolkit, encouraging discourse and reflection on the issues tackled in the film. This initiative found resonance with universities across the UK, showcasing Barker's significant contribution to diversity and inclusion in higher education. Ricardo Barker's film-making prowess combined with his unwavering dedication to social justice marks him as a crucial figure in both cinematic and academic arenas.

Ricardo Barker extends his innovative work into pedagogical territory, collaborating with undergraduate and postgraduate students on professional work placements in co-creative productions. "Where Is The Line?" (2023), exemplifies this approach. In partnership with UK Coaching & Leeds Trinity University, Barker guided students to delve into the nuanced issues of Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) and safeguarding in sports coaching.

The students undertook comprehensive research on intersectional injustices and social exclusion in sports, analysing data, academic articles, and first-hand testimonies. Barker encouraged them to scrutinize patterns and recurring themes, going beyond anecdotal evidence to shape a credible narrative. This rigorous process culminated in the production of a 10-minute short film, further broadening their practical experience in film-making. Barker's unique approach to teaching and film-making reflects his dedication to inclusivity, diversity, and education in both academia and the film industry.


Teaching and Administration


Level 6: Advanced Short Film Production

Level 5: Drama: Concept to Practice

Level 4: Core Production Skills


Previous Employment:
Visiting Lecturer - Directing for Screen -  Leeds Beckett University

Freelance Prod/Dir. -  Day Break Pictures, Kudos, World Productions, Company Pictures

Assistant Producer & Single Camera Director - Granada Television


Research interests

I am passionately invested in developing co-created films centered on Social Justice themes. My research focuses on the conceptualization, production, and direction of evidence-based dramatic narratives that seamlessly blend academic rigor with compelling storytelling. This process serves as a professional learning environment, fostering skill development for students and external associates alike. My research pursuits ultimately aim to use cinema as a platform for educational engagement, addressing pressing societal issues and promoting discourse within our communities.

REF 2029 UOA

  • UOA33 - Music, Drama, Dance, Performing Arts, Film and Screen Studies


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