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I have successfully completed a Mentoring in H.E course which will lead to me supporting and mentoring a colleague during the next academic year.

In 2021/22, I successfully completed my PGCHE and will be utilizing this further by providing support for learners undertaking this course throughout 2022/23. I also enjoyed completing an ‘Introduction to research ethics’ course and worked as an ambassador for Leeds Trinity University, speaking virtually at four secondary schools in Leeds and Doncaster.

In addition to delivering the syllabus for the National Coincil of Trained Journalists (NCTJ), I work across levels 5, 6 and 7 to ensure students are given the best possible chance of succeeding with their NCTJ exams, which are media law based, with an additional focus on public affairs. I regularly attend training seminars with the NCTJ along side undertaking freelance work in practice. 

I design, produce and deliver the curriculum via a series of teaching strategies including, encorporating multi media along the way. I have undertaken relevant training in MS Teams and digital software, which has been invaluable in expanding my own knowledge and teaching skills. This has also resulted in a more positive experience for students.

Recently, I have worked to revalidate the Foundation Course at Leeds Trinity University and have received outstanding feedback from my past year group.





During this year, I have made connections and relationships with students ranging from level 3 – 7 and take their feedback very seriously. I would like to utilize some of these relationships to be case studies in order to further underpin the student learning experience at Leeds Trinity University (example, position students from this years foundation course who are going straight into their degree as ambassadors to the next cohort on Foundation).


Alongside teaching media law and journalism, in November, I took over the role of course leader for the Journalism degree, which has been an incredible experience. Alongside this, I co-ordinated the content and delivery across level 4.  

I have worked extensively with the knowledge exchange team throughout the year, offering bespoke  ‘copyright clinics’ and PR events for various brands to raise the profile of Leeds Trinity University.

Working with external partners is of particular interest to me and this year I managed a media training day with West Yorkshire Police. I will also be producing the Journalism and Media Week in 2022 and am in talks with various news groups about potential collaborations with my students. 

News,radio, storytelling (legally safely), PR and media are my passions.




REF 2029 UOA

  • UOA34 - Communication, Cultural and Media Studies, Library and Information Management