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Elric is an associate Principal Lecturer at the Leeds Trinity department of Media, Film & Culture.

Teaching and Administration

Programme Leader in Media.

Placement and Employability Group.

SAC representative in employability

Member of the Creative and Professional task group.

 Module Coordinator:

MFC 4012  Professional Development and Placement (level 4)
MFC 5012   Professional Development and Placment (level 5)
MFC 6014   Media Production Portfolio (40)
MFC 6022   Creative Media

Research interests

Currently researching the use of silence in art, comedy and drama.

Looking into linkages through cultural cross-media satire and parody, relating to but not solely concerned with Gilbert and Sullivan.

Professional Wrestling, pantomime, the Comedia and the science of networks.

Road safety campaigns and cross-media distinction as a social reader.

Memetics and viral culture – was anything original?

Identity as DNA, cards and self or a reflection upon immediate society.

Musical comedy or novelty song: guided by or a reflection on society.

Cross-media memetic cultural shifting; looking at how cultural units can act like genes proliferating across media they were not designed for.

Holistic social media: Looking at society and its media as an intrinsically linked cyclical whole.

Viral culture, internet culture and digital realms of today and tomorrow: futurology and the predictive process.

Notions of identity in a digital age: Who science tells us we are; who we tell us we are.

Video games and the destruction of mono-media: looking at the effect Video games has had on all mediums which change the old medium into the new.

Ealing and the Englishness of media: national stereotypes of media output.

Social propaganda through media: the use of hidden social messages in all media.

Education/Academic qualification

Bachelor of Science, University of Bradford

Award Date: 1 Jul 2000

REF 2029 UOA

  • UOA33 - Music, Drama, Dance, Performing Arts, Film and Screen Studies


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