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Edwin Stockdale was born in Chester in 1985.  In 2007 he graduated from Lancaster University with a BA Hons in Creative Writing and Music.  He also has a PGCE from Liverpool Hope University. 

Recent publications include the Brontë Society, the Gaskell Society, ink sweat and tears, the Interpreter’s House, the London Magazine, Long Poem Magazine, Magma, Obsessed with Pipework, Orbis, Poetry Salzburg Review, Poetry Scotland and Snakeskin. 

Aventurine, his debut pamphlet collection, was published in September 2014 by Red Squirrel Press.  In 2015 he was one of the runners-up in the Poetry Book Society Student Poetry Competition.  He was shortlisted for the 2016-2017 Arvon/Jerwood Mentoring Award.  

In autumn 2017 he completed an MA in Creative Writing at the University of Birmingham with Distinction.  He is studying for a PhD in Creative Writing at Leeds Trinity University.  His second pamphlet collection, The Glower of the Sun, was published by Red Squirrel Press in January 2019 with launches at the Lit and Phil Library, Newcastle-upon-Tyne and the Scottish Poetry Library, Edinburgh.

My thesis is provisionally titled Alchemy in the Tower: Poetry on Richard III and the Princes in the Tower.  The practice part of my doctorate is writing a collection of poems about Richard III, the Princes in the Tower and their families.  The academic thesis investigates the use of history and landscape in contemporary poetry.


Single author pamphlet collections:

Stockdale, E.  (9 Jan 2019).  The Glower of the Sun.  Biggar, South Lanarkshire: Red Squirrel Press.  36pp.

Stockdale, E.  (5 Sep 2014).  Aventurine.  Morpeth, Northumberland: Red Squirrel Press.  32pp.


Short story publications:

Stockdale, E.  (2 Sep 2019).  The Heron’s Grief.  Postbox Issue 2 Autumn 2019, pp.57-63.


Magazine and anthology publications:

Stockdale, E.  (forthcoming, 2020).  Two poems.  All Hallows’ Eve.  Fetterlock.  Stand.

Stockdale, E.  (forthcoming, 25 Nov 2019).  Anne Neville Reflects.  Three Drops from a Cauldron Issue 28.

Stockdale, E.  (forthcoming, Oct/Nov 2019).  The Long Drop.  Prole Issue 29, p. 

Stockdale, E.  (forthcoming, 23 Sep 2019).  Micklegate Bar.  Gemmell, R., Williams, J., and Hardwick, O. (eds.).  Mystery.  Beaworthy, Devon: Wordspace/Indigo Dreams.  p.53.

Stockdale, E.  (10 Sep 2019).  Anne Neville’s Unknown Heirs.  Atrium


Stockdale, E. (8 Aug 2019).  Two Hogsheads.  The Poetry Village


Stockdale, E. (29 Jul 2019).  Grey Mare’s Tail.  Ink sweat and tears


Stockdale, E.  (18 Dec 2018).  Shush.  Three Drops from a Cauldron Midwinter 2018. 


Stockdale, E.  (17 Dec 2018).  Anne Neville at the Oriel Window.  The Writers’ Café Magazine Issue 14 Frost and Dew.


Stockdale, E.  (8 Dec 2018).  Three poems.  Cecily Neville Decides.  Two Hogsheads.  Prince Richard’s Devotion.  Prole Issue 27, pp.83-85.

Stockdale, E.  (18 Sep 2018).  Cutting Back the Tayberries.  Atrium


Stockdale, E.  (7 Sep 2018).  Freshwater Mere/Nova Scotia Saltwater.  Russell, A.M., Kennedy, K., and Alyal, A. (eds.).  Mythologies: a Space for Words.  Beaworthy Devon: Wordspace/Indigo Dreams.  p.20.

Stockdale, E.  (17 Aug 2018).  Lung Wood.  Atrium.  <>

Stockdale, E.  (9 May 2018).  The Passion of Lady Margaret Pole.  Long Poem Magazine Issue 19 Spring 2018, pp.71-75.

Stockdale, E.  (16 Mar 2018).  Woodlands.  Runcible Spoon.  <

Stockdale, E.  (21 Apr 2017).  Wingspan.  A Bee’s Breakfast: A hive of poetry for a fine old mishmash of lands.  Wolfenbüttel, Germany: Beautiful Dragons.  p.20.

Stockdale, E.  (21 Mar 2017).  Bruised Grass.  Ink sweat and tears.  <>

Stockdale, E.  (18 Nov 2016).  Near Midnight.  Not A Drop: Just Oceans of Poetry.  Wolfenbüttel, Germany: Beautiful Dragons.  p.121.

Stockdale, E.  (27 Oct 2016).  Two poems.  Middle Distance.  Outer Farnes.  Poetry Scotland Issue 92 Autumn 2016.  p.6, p.8.

Stockdale, E.  (19 Oct 2016).  Unkindness of Ravens.  The London Magazine October/November 2016, p.64.

Stockdale, E.  (30 Sep 2016).  Lindeth Tower.  The Gaskell Society No. 62 Autumn 2016, p.32.

Stockdale, E.  (12 Aug 2016).  Layers of Narcissus.  The Open Mouse


Stockdale, E.  (11 Nov 2015).  Their Own Skin.  Long Poem Magazine Issue 14 Autumn 2015, pp.32-34.

Stockdale, E.  (30 Sep 2015).  Lair.  The Gaskell Society No. 60 Autumn 2015, p.8.

Stockdale, E.  (19 Sep 2015).  Jigsaw Piece.  Ink sweat and tears.  <>

Stockdale, E.  (14 Aug 2015).  Wessex Fog.  The Open Mouse.


Stockdale, E.  (20 Jun 2015).  Six poems.  The Jane Eyre Sequence.  Chester General Railway Station.  The Coffee House Silver Anniversary Issue 25, pp.26-31.

Stockdale E.  (28 May 2015).  Wolf Sky.  StAnza, Poetry Map of Scotland.


Stockdale, E.  (30 Sep 2014).  Corrections.  The Gaskell Society No. 58 Autumn 2014, pp.6-7.

Stockdale, E.  (6 Sep 2014).  Two poems.  Mary’s Harp.  Cobb.  Topping, A. (ed.).  Advice on Proposals: Poems Inspired by Jane Austen.  Altrincham, Cheshire: Like This Press.  p.23, p.30.

Stockdale, E.  (6 Sep 2014).  Crystalline.  Topping, A. (ed.).  The Scratching of Pens: Poems Inspired by the Brontës.  Altrincham, Cheshire: Like This Press.  pp.15-18.

Stockdale, E.  (8 Jul 2014).  Monkshaven.  Rees, E.L.E (ed.).  Great Escapes: Poetry from the Cheshire Prize for Literature 2013.  Chester: University of Chester Press.  pp.5-6.

Stockdale, E.  (28 May 2014).  Snowdrops.  Long Poem Magazine Issue 11 Spring 2014, pp.54-56.

Stockdale, E.  (30 Apr 2014).  Scutum.  Heavenly Bodies: a constellation of poetry.  Wolfenbüttel, Germany: Beautiful Dragons.  p.81.

Stockdale, E.  (25 Mar 2014).  A Jane Austen House.  Ink sweat and tears.


Stockdale, E.  (28 Sep 2013).  The Specksioneer.  The Open Mouse.


Stockdale, E.  (27 Apr 2013).  Two poems.  Mardale.  Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway.  Holland, L., and Topping, A. (eds.).  Sculpted: Poetry of the North West.  Aughton, Lancashire: North West Poets.  pp.133-134.

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Stockdale, E.  (21 Feb 2013).  Foreboding.  Orbis #162 Winter 2012, p.31.

Stockdale, E.  (15 Nov 2012).  Three poems.  Blackwell, the Arts & Crafts House.  Confession.  Waiting.  Poetry Salzburg Review No. 22 Autumn 2012, pp.41-42.

Stockdale, E.  (28 May 2012).  St. Mary’s Church, Scarborough.  Brontë Blog.


Stockdale, E.  (28 Apr 2012).  Charlotte’s Widower.  The Brontë Society Gazette Issue 57 April 2012.

Stockdale, E.  (27 Apr 2012).  Three poems.  Red-breasted Merganser.  High Sunderland, Halifax.  Train Journey.  Drey 4 Henge.  Morpeth, Northumberland: Red Squirrel Press.  pp.8-10.

Stockdale, E.  (7 Mar 2012).  Two poems.  Daphne du Maurier.  Charlotte Brontë.  Fire No. 35 March 2012, pp.257-258.

Stockdale, E.  (25 Feb 2012).  Thorp Green, Little Ouseburn.  The Interpreter’s House Issue 49 Spring 2012, p.49.

Stockdale, E.  (30 Nov 2011).  Hathersage Moor.  Obsessed with Pipework Issue 57 Winter 2011/2012, p.8.

Stockdale, E.  (13 Mar 2011).  Smiles by Design.  Ink sweat and tears


Research interests

Poetry; landscapes; nineteenth-century literature and culture; Elizabeth Gaskell; the Brontes; George Eliot; railway history; ekphrasis; Late Medieval history; Early Modern history; Tudor history; Richard III; the Princes in the Tower; the House of York; the Plantagenet dynasty; women in Late Medieval and Tudor history; North East England; Yorkshire; Teesside; County Durham; Tyne and Wear; Northumberland; Scottish Borders; ballet; Tchaikovsky

Education/Academic qualification

Master of Arts, Creative Writing with Distinction, University of Birmingham

Sept 2015Oct 2017

Award Date: 5 Dec 2017

PGCE, Early Years Education (Qualified Teacher Status), Liverpool Hope University

Sept 2011Jun 2012

Award Date: 11 Jul 2012

Bachelor of Arts, Creative Arts (Creative Writing and Music) 2:1, Lancaster University

Sept 2004Jun 2007

Award Date: 10 Jul 2007

Doctor of Philosophy, Creative Writing (Practice-led)

1 Nov 201731 Oct 2021

REF 2029 UOA

  • UOA27 - English Language and Literature


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