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Current Position

  • Senior Lecturer: Currently, Jim Diockou is a senior lecturer with over 15 years of experience in education. This role includes teaching, curriculum development, and mentoring in the areas of computer network security and computer science.

Teaching Experience

  • Networking: Designed, developed, and delivered courses on advanced networking principles, focusing on the design, implementation, and security of emerging network architectures such as RANET (Robotic Ad hoc Networks), VANET (Vehicular Ad hoc Networks), and MANET (Mobile Ad hoc Networks).
  • Computer Science: Developed comprehensive curricula in foundational and advanced computer science topics, including programming languages, data structures, algorithms, and software engineering.
  • Cyber Security: Delivered courses covering intrusion detection, secure network design, cryptographic protocols, and ethical hacking.

Research Interests

  • Networks and Systems Security
  • Mathematical and Reliability Modelling
  • Drones Security
  • Network Performance Engineering

Current Research

  • Flying Ad Hoc Networks Security (FANETs)
  • Tourism & the Metaverse
  • Education & Computer Science
  • Drones & Parcels Delivery For The NHS

REF 2029 UOA

  • UOA11 - Computer Science and Informatics


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