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The Institute of Childhood and Education (ICE) is newly formed in and comprises the three former departments of Primary Education; Secondary Education; and Children, Young People and Families. The new institute represents a push in the university to further integrate similar disciplinary areas and fields in order to capitalize on commonalities and introduce multi-disciplinary synergies. The coincides with a broader move to further develop and strengthen research capabilities and outputs across the university, but particularly in the area of higher education pedagogy, with the intention of establishing a research centre in higher education pedagogy across . Given these university-wide developments, the following preliminary themes have been identified as those which might contribute to significant research strands within the new university centre and/or be pursued more particularly within ICE:


  1. Research which demonstrates the impact of the theory and philosophy of education in studying learning in higher education

  2. The nature of professional learning (esp. teacher learning and social care professional learning) and the implications for higher education pedagogy (includes the development of criticality (critical thinking and critical reflection)

  3. Evaluation of new models of teacher education especially newer school-led initiatives

  4. Teaching social justice in higher education and the contribution of an understanding of social disadvantage (especially its impact on children and families), inclusion and diversity to higher education pedagogy, curriculum and institutional practice

  5. Research into partnerships: their nature, development and evaluation

  6. Innovative models of student engagement and assessment, especially as they address issues of participation and democracy (fits with a social justice approach)

  7. Research into children (esp. early years) and families and the applications of this learning into teaching and curriculum


Specific research projects include:


  1. Research with Teaching School Alliances and school alliances on curriculum projects (eg. SEN, school readiness, working with parents).

  2. Practitioner research activity around teaching and learning (for example in PGCE work).


Other research related activities in the Institute include:


  • An internal on-line journal (SPICE) to encourage satt and post-graduate student publications

  • The development of a practitioner research network to include schools and social care organisations

  • A internal research mentoring scheme

  • A programme of “research lunches” to encourage informal connections on research and conference activities

  • A regular “research bytes” newsletter


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