Bullying needs to be nipped in the bud

  • Elizabeth Nassem

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    Period25 Aug 2010

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    Media contributions

    • TitleBullying needs to be nipped in the bud
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      DescriptionELIZABETH NASSEM is convinced that most of us have experienced bullying in some form and at some time in our lives.

      Her own childhood in West Yorkshire was blighted by bullies at school, who threatened, taunted and beat her. Even pupils she regarded as friends would call her racist names.

      The legacy of that ordeal remains with her and it still distresses her to talk about it.

      As an Anglo-Egyptian - her mother is from Hemsworth near Wakefield and her dad from Cairo - Elizabeth was an obvious target. "At my primary school I was the only person of mixed race and even at secondary school there weren't many of us.

      "But I don't think that was the only reason.

      * RESEARCH : The reasons for bullying are very complex," she says. Today Elizabeth, 30, is critical of the anti-bullying policies used by schools and believes they are not just ineffective but may actually make the problem worse. For the last four years she has been interviewing hundreds of schoolchildren throughout the region and researching the issue of bullying for a Doctorate in Education at the University of Huddersfield. has made a detailed bullying and aims expertise to help it She has also been able to draw upon her own school days as well as her experience of teaching in many different educational institutions.

      Elizabeth, who has a Masters degree in applied psychology and learning disability, can remember the isolation she felt as a result of bullying.
      Producer/AuthorHilarie Stelfox
      PersonsElizabeth Nassem