“Wellbeing” as a Beetle in a Box - A Discussion on The Role of Language in Studying Wellbeing.

Activity: Academic conference/seminar/workshopInvited talk (academic)


If I was asked whether or not I had good wellbeing, I would be able to answer, but if I was asked "what is wellbeing", I wouldn’t know where to start - it is a word which seems to escape us as soon as we try and take a good look at it. What each particular Researcher of wellbeing means by their use of the term “wellbeing” will necessarily impact the results of their studies, and the sorts of methodologies best suited for their line of work, and it’ll hardly come as a surprise to find that each Researcher understands wellbeing in a different sort of way. In this paper, I wish to discuss how a consideration of Wittgenstein’s Philosophy of Language offers a few clarifying remarks to the Researcher of wellbeing, which when listened to, holds the potential of improving their quality of research, especially so for those who study wellbeing from a scientific discipline.
Event typeWorkshop


  • wellbeing
  • well-being
  • Wittgenstein
  • philosophy of langauge
  • social sciences