PhD Examination. The Effects of Heat and Cold on Cognitive Function and Endurance Capacity.

  • Barwood, M. (Examiner - research degree)
  • Karen Arnell (Examiner)
  • Stephen Cheung (Examiner)
  • Dom Gagnon (Examiner)
  • Joffre Mercier (Examiner)
  • Michael Taber (Examiner)

Activity: Examination, supervision and reviewExternal examination (research degrees)


Role: External examiner. Internal Examiners: Dr Karen Arnell; and panel Dr Stephen Cheung, Dr Dom Gagnon, Dr Joffre Mercer, & Dr Michael Taber. Viva Voce Date: 10th February, 2023. Outcome: Pass with minor corrections.
PeriodFeb 2023
ExamineePhillip Wallace
Examination held at
  • Brock University