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    If language influences how we think, then does the language used in research influence how researchers think? We view the world through the conceptual frameworks that emerge out of language, and as language is not universal, objective or impartial, there is likewise no common or singular conceptual framework. Sometimes conceptual frameworks are clear and apparent in research, but sometimes they are hidden away from view and embedded within the assumptions and connotations that lie beneath the surface of language. In many ways, language is a lens through which we view the world and as languages differ so too does the appearance of the world, and this article examines how the language used by researchers augments what researchers perceive when researching. This is achieved by taking Linguistic Relativity and Wittgenstein’s observation that language constructs as much as it describes, and applies them to various fields of research, highlighting the ways how the language found within research is an unavoidable, though often overlooked, variable.
    Period9 Mar 2023
    Event typeAcademic conference
    Degree of RecognitionLocal


    • Wittgenstein
    • Language Ontology
    • research practice
    • linguistic relativity
    • Sapir-Whorf